From pick-up trucks to vans and SUVs, you can take the LiftPod anywhere you need to go. The LiftPod can be assembled in less than 30 seconds and has an accessory tray that holds materials up to 33 lb.

  • NEW 30" wide base rolls through standard width interior doors, allowing the unit to be moved from location to location fully assembled
  • Non-marking caster wheels added to rear of machine to optimize mobility in tight spaces
  • Lifting lever extends a third wheel for easy maneuvering of the LiftPod. Standing on the base retracts the wheel
  • Mast height reduced by 2 ft to provide clearance in lower ceiling height environments, i.e., 8 ft drop ceilings are very common in office buildings, schools and healthcare facilities
  • 360-degree range of motion
  • Optional Power Pack Kit includes a 2-hour fast charger, 2 X 28V batteries and carrying case
Quick Specs
  • Work hands-free up to 12 ft
  • 5 ft 8 in platform height
  • 330 lb platform capacity
  • 7 ft 9 in stowed height
  • Total machine weight – 130 lb
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Optional Power Pack Kit